Investor Relations

Laurence Broos
VP Finance
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ESTMA Report

2018 Report (PDF)

2017 Report (PDF)

2016 Report (PDF)

Corporate Governance

Cardinal believes that good governance stems from a commitment to conduct all affairs with trust and integrity.

Cardinal understands good governance practices as timely, factual, and accurate disclosure, which is broadly disseminated in accordance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Constating Documents

  1. Certificate and Articles of Amalgamation
  2. Bylaws of the Corporation

Corporate Policies and Mandates

  1. Board of Directors Mandate;
  2. Position Description of CEO;
  3. Audit Committee Mandate;
  4. Reserves Committee Mandate;
  5. Compensation Committee Mandate;
  6. Environment, Social and Corporate Governance Committee Mandate;
  7. Majority Voting Policy